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Old Kingdom
693 Canterbury Road
Surrey Hills

Compared to the one in Collingwood, Old Kingdom Surrey Hills is brighter and much more pleasant. The service was a lot better, and the intervals between courses were barely noticeable but it was emptier than the Collingwood joint which is always packed.

This time we forewent the other dishes and went with one duck ($55) between two.

Beautifully crispy and golden, on par if not better than Old Kingdom Collingwood. Accompanied by cucumber and scallion slices, thin pancake wraps and hoisin sauce. Old Kingdom Collingwood tends to leave more duck flesh attached to the duck skin, but that is a matter of preference. Simon’s Peiking Duck Restaurant wins points for having the crispiest lightest skin, with a huge hunk of duck flesh attached.

We opt for the house made noodle option ($8) with the second course of stir fry duck with bean shoots. I thought the stir fry was a little more fragrant at Collingwood, but the noodles were cooked well with a good amount of bite to it.

The final course - a clear duck broth with beancurd slices and salted mustard greens. Tastier than the one at Collingwood.

The unequivocal consensus was that Old Kingdom Surrey Hills wins on all accounts. The deliciously crispy peking duck might be fairly even across the board, but the dining environment and service puts it ahead. We will definitely be back to try the other dishes on the menu.

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