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All over again.

The Brix
Rear 412 Brunswick Street

Guilty as charged - I fell in love with the Brix all over again. Intending to pop by for brunch but ended up running late, we were presented with the lunch menu, which appears to have similar dishes to the Bristot menu presented during the dinner service. The perfect excuse to drop by for brunch in the near future.

Cured Ocean Trout Nicoise Salad ($21)

More accustomed to punchier nicoise salads, the flavour was more subdued in comparison with the vibrant visuals. The ocean trout slivers were fresh, with egg crumbs, sweet and soft potato, an assortment of greens including celery and beans. The dehydrated black olives added flavour to the otherwise lightly dressed starter.

Shallot Tarte Tatin, Banyuls Caramel & Fromage Blanc ($17)

An absolute winner in my book. I caught a whiff of the tarte tatin from the neighbouring table and I couldn’t wait for ours to arrive. The glistening golden brown caramelised shallots are so sweet and soft, and even though the pastry that lines the base is soaked with the juices (one of my pet hates is soggy pastry), you barely notice it. It’s thin, buttery and tastes so good you want more. Needless to say, it gets even better with the flakier crust. The creamy fromage is light and provides a delicious contrast, as does the dainty shredded mixed greens.

Duck confit ($24)

The picture says it all. The golden skin is delectably crispy, and the duck flesh is beautifully tender and falls off the bone. I wasn’t sold by the sauce but the duck confit was riveting on its own.

Flat White

White Peach & Frangipane tart ($14)

With gorgeous hues of pink and purple, the white peach tart was slightly sweet and sour, with a sweet crumbly frangipane filling.

It’s a lovely spot for a champagne lunch with the ladies.

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