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Malaysian Oriental Wok
15 The Causeway

Oriental Wok cops a fair bit of flak, service-wise, portions-wise and angry grandma-wise. But I absolutely adore the Hainanese Chicken Rice at Oriental Wok.

The Causeway has quite a lot of little eateries. Sushi Monger is incredibly popular, but if I’m making my way down to this part of the city, it’s Angry Grandma any day any time.

I usually opt for the soy bean, but they ran out.

Each portion of chicken rice comes with a simple broth. MSG laden, but a great accompaniment.

Hainanese Chicken Rice ($9.9)

It’s the whole package. The familiarity of the plastic plates and bowls. The chicken is smooth and sprinkled with sesame seeds and sauce. I especially love the tasty chicken rice. Sure the portions aren’t huge, in fact the chicken is pretty tiny. But while Raffles Place offers a much larger portion, I found their Hainanese Chicken Rice to be quite bland. I’d much rather have two portions of HCR at Oriental Wok to compensate.

Am I biased? Yes. Some days it’s a little off, and the rice misses its mark. But 9 out of 10 times this is the perfect odd little lunch spot for me.

I’ve tried the Char Kway Teow, which I find lacks the charred flavour. The Roti is not bad even though it’s not home made. The beef curry is a little thick for my liking. The curry puffs are not bad. But it’s the Hainanese Chicken Rice that wins me over each time. 

As for the service, all you have to do is speak to her nicely and not be demanding. And listen out when she calls your number, and don’t lose the slip of paper she gives you. And if you enjoyed your meal, do bring your empty plates back to the counter. It’s just her and her husband running the place after all. That’s right, I’m Team Angry Grandma.

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