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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Wham bam.

Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar
66 Bourke Street

Pellegrini’s was packed when we dropped by. The interior is fairly bare and dated, it reminds me of The Waiters Club, of which I do not have fond memories. Slightly apprehensive, the simple wooden signboard doesn’t prove to be enticing and I look around at what the other patrons are having. 

I unsuccessfully communicate my order to the guy behind the counter through much gesticulating and pointing, and I end up with a Fettuccine Bolognaise. The pasta is softer than al dente, and the beef mince doesn’t look very appetising. And yet somehow it all comes together. There’s something incredibly more-ish about the soft strands, the parmesan, the tomato sauce and the mince. I was pleasantly surprised and I am keen to return to try the other dish I had eyed.

The Spaghetti Bolognaise appears to be drier than the Fettuccine. 

The show stealer - Watermelon Granitas. Gorgeous light watermelon juice with a lemony tang and crushed ice. I couldn’t get enough.

$18 for a quick bite. 

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