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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Chez Dre; South Melbourne.

Chez Dre
285 - 287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne

UPDATED DECEMBER 2011 - A return trip complete with sweets.

We found ourselves at the back door of Chez Dre and made our way to the front.

We were told it would be a half hour wait. Seeing as I often do my weekend grocery shopping at South Melbourne market, we popped over and wandered around while we waited.

We were invited to sample their little eclair morsels. A sinfully smooth creamy chocolate bite.

They have an array of delectable Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Chocolate & Hazelnut eclairs among others. I can’t wait to bring my dad here when they visit next month.

English Breakfast Tea

Soy Latte 

The coffee is deliciously hot and just right.

Corn & Jalapeno Pepper Brioche with Mexican Style Black Beans, Tomato Salsa, Guacamole & a Fried Egg ($16.5)

The lightly crusted brioche was soft and buttery on the inside, with little corn kernels nestled within. The tomato salsa was fresh and tangy, with a creamy guacamole garnished with jalapenos. The yolk was runny and left the black beans with a glistening coat. The components of the dish are quite light, with the exception of the brioche which is quite dense.

Sourdough with Scrambled Eggs and Tomato Relish ($9.5)

I love my eggs poached, soft boiled, sunny side up - scrambled eggs rank pretty low in my book, and this didn’t win me over completely despite being quite light and fluffy.

Apart from serving piping hot fragrant coffee, savoury breakfasts and lunches, Chez Dre prides itself on being a boulangerie and a patisserie, and has a selection of exquisite delights and sweet treats, perfect for afternoon tea with the girls.

Chez Dre has it all.

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