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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Proud Mary; Collingwood.

Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street

Proud Mary has a breakfast menu and a heartier lunch menu.

English Breakfast

Soy Latte

The coffee at Proud Mary is smooth and quite strong.

Chocolate, Macadamia & Banana Muffin

There were these fluffy muffins with a scone like crust around the outside. These were served at room temperature, beneath the icing sugar dusted crust was soft banana muffin studded with macadamia chunks and pockets of melted chocolate.

Potato Hash, Bacon, Buttered Spinach, Poached Egg & Bagna Cauda ($16.5)

The potato hash was pretty delicious, a golden crust on the outside, concealing a web of soft potato, a beautifully poached egg, with the yolk still runny, bacon strips and light buttery spinach. The bagna cauda was quite mild and light, but incredibly delicious and I wouldn’t have minded a little jug on the side.

Even though the potato hash was a little heavy for my liking, I liked being seated along the windows with the sun streaming in, sipping on my latte and gazing out at people waiting and those walking past. I look forward to coming back and trying another one of their creations.

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