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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Belle of the ball.

La Belle Miette
30 Hardware Lane

La Belle Miette is tiny and quaint. I’ve been meaning to drop by ever since msihua wrote about it.

What lies beyond the simple facade is an array of multi-coloured round discs of pleasure, lined up on a cool white marble top. 

Each one is perfectly pristine, with a sleek shiny coating. Soft muted colours and bright vivid shades alike, they were stunning to behold.

The texture of the macarons were softer than expected, and they were on the sweeter side. 

72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela), Pimm’s & Pomegranate, Rose, Pistachio, Violet & Blueberry, Lemon

The Rose macaron had a beautiful rose fragrance and flavour, and unlike the one at Laduree, it was just right. I didn’t feel like I had a bar of soap in my mouth. I expected more from the Pimm’s & Pomegranate, unfairly so, due to the sheer intensity of the shade, but the flavour didn’t carry through. The Lemon was zingy but would be better if they took the sweetness down a notch. The Pistachio was quite light, and the Chocolate had strong cocoa flavours. My favourite was the Violet & Blueberry, a deep purple jam swirl lay hidden within, a gorgeous shade of sky blue and your mouth is filled with beautiful berry flavours after each bite.

Irresistibly gorgeous macarons, perfect and consistent in shape and size. Taste wise, perhaps a little too sweet for me, but I will be back to sample the others, simply because no one can stay away after chancing upon these delights.

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