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Maze Grill
8 Whiteman Street

I was a huge fan of Hell’s Kitchen, and fell in love with the F Word. The latter revealing Gordon Ramsay’s softer side, his passion for food and his love for his family. Right until the news of his infidelity got out. And that’s when it all went downhill.

I’ve been to Maze a few times and I adore their seaweed butter. I have found their seafood courses to triumph over the other selections.

St Helens Oysters ($3.5) // Coffin Bay Oysters ($3.5) - Served with Sake Coriander & Ginger

We ventured over to Maze Grill for a casual dinner. I’ll be honest, both Maze and Maze Grill are secluded away in Crown Metropol, away from the prime strip along Southbank. Both Mazes are dark with high ceilings, but there’s something lacking.

We started with a dozen fresh oysters.

Hervey Bay Scallops “a la plancha”, Cauliflower & Almonds ($20)

Scallops were fresh and firm, with a smooth cauliflower puree and topped with almond crumbs.

Juicy and tender. However, the other selections of rib eyes did not fare as well.

Chocolate and Pecan Brownie, Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($14)

Rich fudge brownie with sugar dusted pecans.

Overall, just like its Maze counterpart, nothing spectacular. A bit of a hit and miss.

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