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J Cafe
167 Exhibition Street

J Cafe is a quaint japanese cafe which I frequent given its close proximity to my office.

Oyako Don - Bowl of Rice topped with Chicken cooked in Egg ($12)

J Cafe specialises in Bento Boxes or Sushi Burgers. As I have sampled my way through several of the items on their menu, I have found J Cafe can be a hit or a miss.

Agedashi Tofu - Deep fried tofu with special dipping sauce ($8)

Fortunately, I can safely say, three Salmon Aburi sushi burgers eat in or one sushi burger & a Della Mare from Tazio’s is my perfect eat in and take away order respectively.

Before I tried my first sushi burger, images of cold sushi rice and cold sashimi did not make for a tantalising combination. After falling in love with the deep fried fish sushi burger, opining that the batter of the ebi mayo sushi burger could be lighter and the ebi itself could be fresher and crunchier. I have found the perfect sushi burger, and I am unwilling to try any other.

Salmon Aburi Sushi Burger ($7.5)

Picture this. Warm fluffy sushi rice, wrapped in a crisp sheet of seaweed, sandwiching lightly seared, fresh and glistening salmon slivers, complete with generous dollops of kewpie mayo and a delicious sauce. I can polish off three of these burgers easily.

Hamburg Bento - Pan-fried Beef & Pork Patty ($17)

This delightful twist of a bento is one of the better ones with its juicy moist patty.

With J Cafe, you need a little bit of persistence, and you will find that one special dish that you will come back for time and again.

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