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Presence of royalty.

Laksa King
6/10-12 Pin Oak Crescent

My first Laksa King encounter dates back to a year ago. Our CA exams are held close by and ever since we came here after our first paper, a post-exam lunch at Laksa King has quietly become tradition. Today was no different.

With its glass panels and long wooden benchtops, Laksa King is awfully inviting for a Malaysian restaurant out in the suburbs.

Combination Curry Laksa - Mixed Noodles with Shrimp, Fishcake and Chicken ($8.5)

They have a generous range of curry laksas. I’ve only ever had the Combination and to be honest it was pretty good. The curry was hearty and fragrant, with creamy coconut milk, and generous portions of shrimp, fishcake and chicken. 

Har Mee - Yellow Noodle with Prawn, Fishcake & Egg ($9.2)

The broth was flavoursome and the prawns were fresh with a bit of bite. 

Fish Fillet Noodle ($10.5)

Roasted Chicken Rice - Crispy Fried Chicken served with Chicken Rice & Soup ($8.5)

I steer clear of coconut juices in Melbourne. I absolutely adore coconut juice, and my parents are kind enough to ensure that there are a supply of fresh coconuts available for me on a daily basis in KL. Suffering from coconut juice withdrawal, I stumbled upon a box of 9 coconuts in Costco and eagerly lugged them home. Much to my dismay, after putting in a fair bit of effort hacking away it, the juice tasted off. I tried one more, and it still had that odd taste. I threw the rest away and resigned myself to a coconut-less Melburnian existence.

I like Laksa King. It does a true rendition of curry laksas and the other dishes have fared pretty well. I’ve tried the Ipoh Fried Rice Noodle - Seafood, Pork, Fishcake, Vegies topped with egg gravy which was pretty tasty, except I wish the noodles were a little thinner and were a little more charred.

Final exam done and dusted.

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