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133 Ormond Road

Being rather fond of Pearl, I had high hopes for Geoff Lindsay’s Dandelion which opened up earlier this year. 

The interior is bright and inviting, becoming dark and intimate as the night wore on.

They have an interesting menu, which doubles up as a place mat.

Soft Shell Crab & Avocado with Mrs T’s Sauce ($18)

The soft shell crab was deliciously crunchy, paired well with creamy avocado and assorted vegetables. The fish sauce was fragrant and light.

Tuna Tartare with Pickled Ginger and Wasabi ($14)

The description of tuna tartare led me to believe the tuna would be fairly delicately diced. We were presented with raw tuna chunks, which I have to say colour-wise was not visually appealing. Taste wise, let’s just say what you see is what you get.

Finely Shaved Raw Tuna with Green Onion & a Dash of Soy ($20)

The broth was delicious, and the pho was slippery with a bit of bite, just how I like it. I wished the hefty tuna slices were more delicate. I found them to be quite thick and clumsy, in comparison with the light broth and noodles. Noticing that we intended to share our dishes, our server was kind enough to bring us the pho in two separate bowls which was a nice touch.

BBQ Spareribs with a Refreshing Lychee & Mint Salad ($32)

I have had better ribs at Hurricane’s Grill in Sydney. The ribs weren’t as juicy or as tender as I would have liked it. The lychee and mint salad was a little clumsy. Beansprouts, lychees from the tin and mint thrown together.

The soft shell crab roll was good. And I probably wouldn’t mind trying the Wagyu Beef Pho. But I infinitely prefer its Richmond counterpart, Pearl.

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