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Silky smooth.

396 Bay Street
Port Melbourne

Komeyui, owned by former Kenzan sushi chef Motomu Kumano, opened its doors a few months back in Port Melbourne. Kuma, young, incredibly friendly and obliging, was behind the counter the entire night, single-handedly prepping most of the dishes we sampled.  

Walking in, it’s casual and brightly lit. They have a pretty extensive carte menu but we had made an earlier request for the 6-course omakase ($68). They also do a 10-course ($100).

We are presented with a special menu outlining the courses for the night, most of which can be found in the Carte menu.

Tuna, avocado and japanese seaweed salad.

Shochikue Junmai (14%) 

The hot sake was smooth and easy on the palate. Although as the night wore on, and the temperature dropped, i did find it was slightly harsher than before. 

Yuzu Marinated Salmon & Broccolini

A simple cold appetiser, fresh salmon wrapped around crunchy broccolini.

Duck Breast, Cucumber and Kinzanji Miso, Black Bean, Tomato with Miso Sauce, Mullet Roe with Radish

I started with the cucumber and the tomato. The pure flavours of each were enhanced with the miso accompaniment. The savoury mullet roe was wrapped with a delicate sliver of radish. The duck breast topped with shallots was tender. The black beans were cold and slightly sweet. Each component was intriguing and we took our time savouring each bite.

Egg Custard

Easily my favourite dish of the night. The hot custard was beautifully silky and slippery. 

Tuna, Salmon, King George Whiting

Prawn Bread

Crunchy on the outside, yet has a bouncy prawn paste texture on the inside. Incredibly more-ish.


The quail skin was crispy and savoury, with a light sprinkling of sesame. The quail itself was tender and delicious.

For our final course, we requested for some of the sushi to be seared and Kuma kindly obliged.

Tuna, Salmon, Kingfish, Cucumber & Uni

Beautifully fresh sushi. The uni was creamy and soft, the presentation was enhanced with a sprinkling of gold leaf and a gorgeous piece of seaweed, which had a paper like texture.

Sake Creme Brulee

The creme brulee was quite runny in texture but I loved every mouthful. Cracking through the crispy caramelised layer revealed a wonderful pale yellow sake custard, true to its word, with gorgeous underlying sake flavours. This lovely dessert was accompanied with a shot of sweet yuzu sake.

Mountain Peach

A feature that pops up at Nobu, this unassuming tiny ruby red fruit, was sweet and fragrant. It reminded me of sour plums.

I would come back to Komeyui. I noticed some intriguing dishes that I’d love to try, and I’ve been told the Wagyu is good too. Truth be told, I can’t wait to have more of the delicious silken egg custard.

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