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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Just as I remembered.

285 Spring Street

Appetiser is not a fancy joint. But they make up for it with cosy armchairs and lounge chairs indoors. An abundance of round cushions sit quietly in a corner, to use as you please, be it a foot rest or a bag rest. 

I have mixed reviews about Appetiser’s dishes, but let me share two of my favourites.

Squid Tempura

The squid looks pretty ordinary. Describing them as fried calamari rings than squid tempura would be more apt. But the light coating of batter gives the tender squid a delicious crunch. Very addictive with the chilli sauce on the side. We easily devoured a couple of portions.

Poh Tak - Traditional Spicy Clear Soup with Mixed Seafood & Thai Herbs

The Tom Yum Goong is a popular choice, but my personal favourite is this deceptively clear broth which packs a punch. It’s spicy alright, but it’s sour, fragrant with herbs and spices and savoury. It brings me right back to the one I had when I went to Phuket as a little girl. In Malaysia and even here, anything Tom Yum related tends to be vibrant coral and glistening with floating oil pools. I’ve hoped to stumble upon the one I have etched in my memory and I’ve had a craving for this delicious clear version for way too long and it was perfect. My only criticism is the seafood isn’t that fresh.

Appetiser does pretty good Thai food if you’re looking for a cosy, noisy and boozy dinner in the city, with decent prices to boot.

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