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Easy Tiger.

Easy Tiger
96 Smith Street

I have a penchant for Thai food, having grown up frequenting Thai restaurants in Malaysia. Unlike its quirky name, Easy Tiger’s interior is simple and the lighting is quite dim. But I love the light panels that run along both sides of the shelves and the placement of topsy turvy multi-coloured glasses on the shelves.

Tea is served in an ingenious double insulated teacup. Hot tea, cool to touch. Love it.

Freshly shucked Pacific Oyster with Red Chilli Nahm Jim ($4)

Fresh juicy oyster with a tangy savoury kick.

Ma Hor - Prawn, Pork and Chicken Mince cooked in Palm Sugar, served with Watermelon ($4)

Probably one of my least favourites. The mince up top was quite hard, and the taste faintly reminded me of rojak sauce (a sweet sticky thick shrimp paste traditionally slathered over fruits and vegetables). Studded with peanuts.

Sashimi of Kingfish with White Miso, Pickled Cucumber and Flying Fish Roe ($15)

Fresh kingfish slivers, with flying fish roe that popped beautifully in your mouth and crunchy pickled cucumber topped with sesame seeds.

Betel Leaf with Prawn, Peanuts and Fresh Coconut ($5)

These Betel leaf wraps are always a winner. Crunchy juicy morsels.

Water Chestnut, Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom Spring Roll ($6)

I rarely eat spring rolls, but this smelt amazing, was served piping hot, the spring roll wrapper was crispy and crunchy, deceptively hiding the filling which was moist juicy and full of flavour.

Salt and Pepper Silken Tofu with a Spiced Eggplant Salad ($10)

Very lightly battered, soft silky tofu on the inside. I like the crispy garnishing, but I was a little disappointed to discover the aubergine was in the form of a smoky paste.

Chicken, Coconut & Galangal Soup with Shimeji Mushrooms ($8)

Served in a double insulated cup, this fragrant, hearty yet light broth was delicious to the last drop, gorgeous coconut milk flavours, with tender mushrooms floating about.

Son in law eggs ($4)

Topped with crispy shallots, egg served whole, yolk still runny on the inside, this should have been a winner, but the sweet chilli sauce was a slight letdown. 

Green curry of Blackmore Wagyu Beef Shin with Snowpeas and Thai Eggplant ($30)

The beef shin slices were tender and the green curry was fragrant and went beautifully with the rice. The aubergine were on the firmer side, bordering crunchy which wasn’t what we were expecting.

I really liked some elements at Easy Tiger, but overall I didn’t love it. I couldn’t help comparing certain dishes with experiences I’ve had elsewhere. And unfortunately it falls a little short.

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