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Shira Nui
247 Springvale Road
Glen Waverley

I’ve lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. I’ve lived in Kew for 2 years, Melbourne CBD for another 2 years. Hawthorn for  year, and along St Kilda Road for the last two years. Now I live in Toorak.

In spite of this, the one place that has remained a constant in my life, one that I absolutely love and adore is Shira Nui. A bit of a drive? Sure. Not the fanciest of joints? Definitely. Can the sushi chef and owner be a little gruff and abrupt? Yup. But astoundingly fresh sushi, beautifully consistent in quality and presentation, each and every time? Check, check and check.

I’ve had the a la carte menu once and then I discovered the sushi omakase ($80). And that is all I ever have. After the standard courses, you can opt to continue, either doubling up on a previous order, or at Hiro-san’s mercy.

John Dory

I prefer the Kingfish as I find it’s a little more tender. This course is always lightly salted, with a generous touch of lemon juice. The fish is always beautifully fresh. Each course is always served on a tiny compact bed of fluffy white sushi rice. 


With a sprinkling of spices, glimpses of the succulent coral flesh glistening through the cracks of the beautifully seared salmon sliver, threatening to fall apart at any minute.

Marinated beef

Tender and juicy, this fragrant beef morsel is topped with a daikon marinade and a sprinkling of shallots. 


Wonderfully fresh and pink, lightly seared on the outside.

Okra tempura

Fish paste hidden in crunchy battered okra.

Kingfish Belly

Marinated in a light soy, this is slippery and soft, and easily melts in your mouth.


Signalling your sushi course has come to an end, a tray is brought out with freshly grilled oysters cradled by their shells. The chef deftly scoops up each one, placing it on a bed of sushi rice and the oyster juicea and marinade glistening in the shell is drizzled on top.

Popping the entire oyster sushi morsel in your mouth, biting down on the oyster slathered in hot kewpie mayo and savouring that wonderful creamy explosion. The perfect end to the sushi course. 

Green Tea Creme Brulee

I always end the omakase with the green tea creme brulee. Cracking open the crispy caramelised layer, reveals a beautifully light runny green tea pudding.

An assortment of fruits with little ice-cream blocks.

The perfect way to end the night. Once you know exactly which courses you’ve had, and which ones you have left, or which course you can dip in soy sauce and which you can’t. That’s when you know you’re hopelessly in love with Shira Nui. Just like me.

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