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Rose among thorns.

Ramen Ya
108 Bourke Street

I like Ramen Ya. It’s a bright little spot, with the gorgeous round paper lights, and the ever-changing pots of greenery to the occasional blossom.

More importantly, they do pretty good $10 bento boxes or ramens. My two personal favourites are the Chicken Teriyaki Bento and the Seafood Gyoza with Tonkotsu soup base. The chicken teriyaki is tender and coated in a delicious sauce.

The filling in the seafood gyoza is a refreshing change to the pork dumplings. They also have little pots of addictive spicy bean paste which I adore. 

I also have a soft spot for their green tea ice cream. It’s not too creamy, a little icy, and is quite potent, with a sprinkling of green tea powder.

I will note that we’ve seen a slight decline in the quantity and the presentation of the ice cream over the past few months.

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