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Old Town Kopitiam

The Old Town Kopitiam on Little Bourke Street has more variety when it comes to the noodle dishes. But I love the feel of the one in QV. The whirring fans, white marble counter tops with a wooden base, the neatly stacked Milo tins in a row. And when you look around, you’ll always see a few Malaysians. 

There are two things I absolutely adore at the Old Town in QV. A serve of the crispy sotong rings (calamari). It’s tender on the inside, with a delicious spicy crunchy coating. I always order one to two portions of this as a starter. 

And the roti. Roti with egg and onion, or plain. Served with dahl (a lightly spiced lentil soup), sambal and curry. I love how there’s a guy making them at the hot plate. It lends some authenticity which Melbourne is sorely lacking in the roti department. I’ve had far too many disappointing packaged rotis.

The sambal is a little on the sweet side and could do with some kick.

The other two favourites are the beef ball noodles and the pan mee. I usually ask them to substitute the noodles from the former into the pan mee. “But the noodle itself is the specialty of the pan mee”, my server protests. Oh I find the noodle too thick and much prefer the slippery hor fun. But I still crave the delicious fragrant pan mee soup, crunchy anchovies, juicy mushrooms and minced pork. And they kindly oblige.

And so voila. 

Malaysian food isn’t quite the same here, but we find ways around it. And at the end of the day, Malaysian food is so comforting I am willing to overlook the flaws.

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