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Pearly whites.

Pearl Bar & Restaurant
631 - 633 Church Street

Update: On a recent visit late 2010, the menus were presented to us on iPads for our perusal.

Pearl is bright, sleek and well known for the Full Moon Mud Crab Harvest that takes place once a month. Located on a fairly busy street, yet you hardly notice this.

Wok Fried Pearl Meat from Broome with Shiitake, Chive Buds, Ginger and Soy ($39.5)

Served on a lustrous pearl shell, tender pieces of pearl oyster meat with juicy mushrooms with a light ginger and soy dressing.

Delicious crab dumplings without the wrapper, with subtle ginger flavours, lightly poached, with soft silky beancurd and an assortment of mushrooms, immersed in a light savoury broth. Topped with shallot curls and salmon roe. 

We select two desserts (not pictured):

A selection of house made treats, orange blossom marshmallow, coconut jam truffle, blood orange jube, pistachio nougat & persian fairy floss ($12)

Slightly disappointing, the presentation was ordinary, and the most fascinating yet not palatable persian fairy floss. We nibble on bits and pieces but leave most of it untouched.

Crispy Fried Taro Dumplings stuffed with White, Milk and Dark Valrhona Chocolate, Vanilla Custard & Gold Leaf ($16.5)

Crispy golden round dumplings topped with gold leaf, one bite reveals a heady rich warm molten chocolate. My favourite were the milk and the dark chocolate ones.

Pearl’s Famous Hot Chocolate ($6.5)

I really enjoyed the dishes I had. It was light, yet flavourful. Sadly, the next time I came back, they had taken the crab dumplings off the menu.

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