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Chin up.

Chin Chin
125 Flinders Lane

I find myself back at Chin Chin again. We try a few of their other dishes, but the must haves on my list are my favourite seared scallops and duck broth.

Son in law Eggs with Chilli Jam ($8)

I would have preferred the eggs to be served whole, and for the yolk to be slightly runny and gooey. The chilli jam was addictively good.

Beautifully fresh mussels.

Jumbo Clams wok tossed with Black Beans & Chilli ($26)

The mussels would probably emerge the victor out of the two. Simple clean flavours and fresh clams.

Rice soup of Cured Berkshire Pork with Shiitake, Sweet Corn, Coriander and Chilli Jam ($12)

What is this miraculous chilli jam and may I have more of it please. Based on its description, I had imagined this dish to be rice grains with soup, a dish I quite adore in Malaysia in one of the local shops we frequent. This turned out to be a generous bowl of porridge, with bits of pork which tasted exactly like chinese sausage, slippery slivers of mushroom and crunchy sweet corn. 

Different day, same thoughts. I like Chin Chin, but in order to love it, each dish needs to be tweaked slightly to excite me.

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