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Drumroll please.

Flower Drum
17 Market Lane

Flower Drum has an abundance of mixed reviews. I for one, am Team FD. Walking in on a weeknight, it was quite deserted, made even more obvious by the tables set few and far between. A refreshing change from the overcrowding that I’ve become accustomed to.

Service-wise, it’s true. They are eager to please. Unfortunately, subtlety is not their strongest suit. With , you notice the impeccable service in the littlest things, yet you don’t notice their presence, you don’t get the feeling that you’re being watched like a hawk. Here, you do.

This may be one of their strengths. Some patrons may like feeling important, they want to be watched and coddled. Not me. I like to look up and not meet a waiting server’s eyes over the heads of my dining companions. To glance around and not have the mere glance interpreted as beckoning by the three to four servers standing by our table. Don’t I sound like a brat. The trials and tribulations of having to endure good and keen service.

Fresh cut chillies

The most delicious light dipping soy concoction with a sprinkle of shallots, as an accompaniment to the below.

Karuma Prawns ($22 per 100gm)

Strongly recommended as they were flown in this afternoon, they were incredibly fresh, crunchily sweet and juicy. Their coral-streaked white flesh glistened beautifully upon the removal of each segment of its shell. Untainted and pure, each one banking solely on its freshness to shine through, and succeeding every step of the way.  

Smooth sea salt crystals

Hot and sour soup with chicken, cloud fungus, bamboo shoots and bean curd slices ($18.5)

Thick soup of diced S.A King Prawn, soft Bean Curd slices, Spring Onion & Egg White ($18.5)

Beautifully seasoned, juicy morsels of king prawn, soft silky bean curd and egg white, with finely diced spring onions in a thick broth.

We also had the special, which was a hearty Kangaroo Tail soup, yet not the least bit gamey.

Peking Duck wrapped in Pancake ($10)

The pancake could have been lighter, but the peking duck skin was wonderfully crispy.

Steamed Murray Cod Fillet ($25 per 100gm)

Fresh and moist, the cod was silky, slippery and velvety. Enhanced only by the spring onions, coriander and aromatic seasoned soy.

Western Australian Sea Scallops stir-fried with homemade XO sauce ($36)

The peas were crunchy and sweet. The fresh flavours of the scallops were masked by the XO sauce.

I loved Flower Drum. The top quality and freshness goes unrivalled by any other Chinese restaurant in Melbourne. The simple wok tossed Chinese Broccoli ($16.5) was a perfect illustration. Each stem was carefully handpicked to ensure this simple bright green vegetable dish was a pure delight, each stalk perfectly crunchy, sweet and tender.

With Flower Drum, less is more and I feel its simpler dishes such as the lightly steamed prawns and cod, were able to showcase its quality and freshness to emerge as true highlights of the night. Flower Drum’s technique in presenting this fresh seafood and produce at its finest, and its eager to please service surely places it leaps and bounds ahead of its peers and deems it worthy of its accolades. But you do pay a premium for the high quality and keen service.

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