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Blue blood.

Bar Boulud
Mandarin Oriental 
Hyde Park

Located in beautiful Mandarin Oriental on Knightsbridge, Bar Boulud has a secluded private entrance to the left. The setting is quite warm and there is a relaxed feel to it, but the polished servers add a formal tone to the setting.

Adopting the when in Rome policy, I opt for two classically French dishes. 

Soupe de Poisson - Fish Soup, Red Mullet, Shellfish, Rouille Crouton (£9)

I wish I could’ve taken a shot of this beautifully vibrant bright coral savoury broth presented to me. Beautiful luscious morsels of fresh fish and shellfish alike are quietly half-revealed, incredibly tempting and inviting. This rich broth had a slight tang, and I savoured every hearty spoonful.

Moules a la Creme - Mussels steamed in Chardonnay Creme Frache, Grey Shallots & Garlic Parsley (£14)

I was slightly concerned when this arrived. The mussels piled in the pot looked fresh, but quite dry. Thankfully, when I peek inside, there is a delightful concoction of fragrant drunken creme frache broth, just begging to be poured over the mussels and to be soaked up with warm bread. This simple yet beautifully cooked dish was a quiet stunner and would make a lovely sharing dish.

My dining companions selections include:

Foregoing the adorably named Piggie Burger, and settling on

Frenchie Burger - Grilled Beef Patty with Confit Pork Belly, Rocket, Tomato-Onion Compote, Dijon Mustard, Morbier Cheese & Peppered Brioche Bun (£12.75)

Adorably presented, this gourmet burger fits perfectly in one hand. Juicy beef patty and crispy pork belly, with a tangy compote and a cheesy buttery brioche. You can’t help but fall in love with the burger. And the crunchy golden chips.

Rib Eye (10oz // 283 grams) (£29)

The real show stopper was the Rib Eye. A sensational cut, this was perfectly cooked - wonderfully pink on the inside and beautifully juicy. A serious contender for best steak of the year. 

Trio D’Agneau - Lamb Rump, Confit Shoulder Sweetbread, Israeli Couscous, Black Kate, Jerusalem Artichoke & Tamarind Jus (£29)

An overshadowed, forgettable dish.

I remember the desserts were beautifully presented, but the main courses stole the show. 

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