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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

There’s ZEN and there’s EN.

EN Japanese Brasserie
435 Hudson Street
New York

EN specialises in contemporary Izakaya dining. They offer two types of Kaiseki, the Soyo Kaze ($65) with a sake & shochu accompaniment ($35) or the Aozora ($90) with a sake & shochu accompaniment ($45). I opted to create my own Kaiseki.

Beautiful teak furniture with intricate carvings and gorgeous floral arrangements.

Private dining rooms complete with tatami mats.

Spacious dining area which filled up pretty quickly as the evening progressed.

My personal teapot complete with gorgeous blossoms.

Freshly made Scooped Tofu, served warm ($11)

The tofu is made regularly throughout the night at 5.30pm, 7pm, 8.30pm and 10pm to ensure it’s at its freshest when served. A generous portion of silky smooth warm fragrant beancurd, accompanied with a tiny bottle of light soy.

Local Blue Crab Miso Soup ($6)

Lovely fragrant gingery miso, with tender bits of crab with shell intact.

Grilled Kuroge Wagyu - Grilled Japanese Black Angus Strip Loin from Kagoshima ($38 per 2 oz)

This dish was one of their two selections of produce especially flown in from Japan. Beautiful seamless marbling and glistening with its own juices. This was perfectly grilled, beautifully tender and melt in your mouth. Each slice was so delicate yet robust in flavour.

En Garlic Shiso Fried Rice ($10)

Fluffy fragrant morsels of rice with strong garlicky flavours, with a sprinkling of shiso and seaweed.

Kuroge Washugyu Yaki Shabu - Thinly sliced Japanese Black Angus short rib served with a hot stone for grilling ($35)

Rich vibrant red meat with beautiful marbling. With an accompaniment of lotus root, daikon and sea salt. To the side is a tiny square block of animal fat.

What I loved most about this dish was I could sample each slice at varying time intervals. From lightly seared and bloody rare, to medium rare with slight browning and the red blood appearing at the surface of the beef. Lightly grazing the hot stone grill with the animal fat gave rise to a beautifully fragrant sizzle.

If you love your red meat, yet aren’t partial to huge hunks of steak, and prefer it to be a delicate beautiful marbled cut - EN fits the bill to a tee.

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