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Tomoe Sushi
172 Thompson Street
New York

Tomoe Sushi is brilliantly located near Soho. Brilliant for me as I found myself in Soho most evenings. There is a bit of a wait, especially at night but the fresh fish is well worth it.

For such cosy quarters, they have a fairly extensive menu for both the kitchen and the sushi bar. Given it is popular for its fresh fish, I stick to the sushi menu.


I end up with a generous slice of Toro ($8), Yellow Tail Belly ($6) and Regular Yellow Tail ($5). Probably wasn’t the best sashimi selection given I went straight for the Toro (The sashimi slice all the way at the back. Look at that beautiful marbling, how could that not be my first pick). It was beautifully rich and luscious and very generous in portion. After savouring the richness and velvety toros, I couldn’t bring myself to finish the regular yellow tail. I was so acutely aware of its texture which lacked the toro’s smoothness and softness. The same went for the hokkigai (surf clam) ($4).

I also ordered a selection of their hand rolls, including the Una-Kyu fresh water eel and cucumber ($6.75), Negi Toro fatty tuna and scallion ($7.25) and the Spicy Hotate spicy scallop, cucumber and fish roe ($7).

I really liked the Una-Kyu and the Spicy Hotate. The Negi Toro couldn’t compare to the Toro and Yellow Tail Belly. There’s just something about the toro that turns you against everything else. And all you want is more of that rich luscious belly that glides against your tongue and melts in your mouth. 

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