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I adore the tapas style concept at Coda. Tiny bite-sized morsels. Coda is always booked out most Friday and Saturday nights. Brimming with people and the bar is cosy intimate and perfect for a drink and a bite.

Freshly Shucked Pacific Oyster with a Mirin and Finger Lime Dressing ($3.8)

Fresh juicy oyster.

Spanner Crab, Galangal, Roasted Chilli and Lime Betel Leaf ($6.8)

The Betel Leaf is very subtle, you hardly taste it. What you do taste is the delicious spanner crab morsels, crunchy fried shallots, juicy sweet and sour petals of pomelo.

That’s Amore Buffalo Mozzarella, Zucchini Fritters, Mint and Pea Salad ($22)

The Zucchini Fritters are hot and crunchy, perfect with the light tasting mozzarella. Balanced off with a cool zucchini and pea salad.

Eggplant and Tofu Lettuce Delight, Enoki Mushrooms, Crispy Garlic and Black Vinegar ($6)

Coda’s version of Sang Choi Bao, (Note: they also have a Quail Lettuce Delight which is equally delicious).

Crispy Prawn and Tapioca Betel Leaf ($5.8)

Crunchy on the outside but the prawns are juicy and moist in the middle.

Hiramasa Kingfish, Fresh Wasabi and Pickled Radish ($15)

Fresh slivers of Kingfish Sashimi.

Crispy Pork Belly

This special was a disappointment. The crackling was crunchy but the pork was quite tough.

Hervey Bay Scallop, Pearl Tapioca with Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar ($7)

One of my favourites at Coda. I hope they never take these off the menu. Beautifully seared scallops, with the luscious pearl tapioca cream and as you bite into it, the salmon caviar pops in your mouth.

Blackened Quail, Daikon and Shiso Salad ($7)

Quail skin is crispy and the meat is soft and full of flavour.

Sizzling Plate of Hiramasa Kingfish, Eggplant, Chilli, Snake Beans and Thai Basil ($38)

I didn’t enjoy this dish. Generous portions but I think I will stick to the smaller starters.

Another thing I like about Coda is I can count on my favourites to be there. Most of the menu stays the same, ever so often there are a couple of new dishes and of course there are always the specials for the night.

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