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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

The littlest cuppycakes.

Little Cupcakes
7 Degraves Street
(03) 9077 0413

Little Cupcakes is one of my favourite haunts. They do mini cupcakes for $2.2, and larger ones for $4/$4.5.

I have a soft spot for Little Cupcakes. Last year, I made a special order weeks in advance for a special someone’s birthday. When I got home, I realised the box contained an assortment of their cupcakes.

Assuming they had handed me the wrong box, I rang the store. They recalled taking my order and apologised that my order had been overlooked. I was quite disappointed, but I did understand mistakes happen. Besides, the cupcakes were gorgeous.

She was most insistent that I return to the store, and she would instruct the girls to do their utmost best to provide me with another set of cupcakes tailored to my specifications. I had ordered 18 cupcakes.

(Left to Right) Red Velvet, Belgian Chocolate, Blueberry White Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Devil’s Dark Chocolate, Passionfruit, Coffee

Admittedly the second set of cupcakes were not what I had requested, but it was short notice. I decided to pick up a set of gorgeous colourful birthday candles (as above) ($8.5) which they immediately told me was on the house and they proceeded to give me a full refund. (Note: they also have these pretty little Congratulations candles!) They also refused to take back the original cupcakes I had been given.

I was quite overwhelmed by the gesture as I had been quite content to accept the first set of cupcakes.

One of my all-time favourite dining companions is an avid Little Cupcakes lover, and she gleefully relieved me of the 18 cupcakes I had been presented with.

The prettiest cupcake they have made to date would have be that gorgeous Passionfruit topped with the most delicate little daisy.

Tonight was my darling sister’s birthday, and naturally we celebrated it with Little Cupcakes. I look forward to celebrating more birthdays with them.

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