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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Secret Society.

Hardware Societe
120 Hardware Street
(03) 9078 5992

Hardware Societe is a bright, beautiful, busy little spot. It doesn’t take bookings, but there are always little groups of people patiently waiting to be seated.

Hot Chocolate 54% Dark Callebaut ($4.5)

I adore the hot chocolate at Hardware Societe. There is a soft mound of rich dark chocolate in the mug, and an accompanying jug of warm frothy chocolate milk. Deliciously rich yet light and smooth.

Tea by the Pot for One ($4)

The teapot comes with the prettiest brightly coloured tea cosy.

Omelette with Wild Mushroom & Sage Ragout, Truffled Goat’s Cheese ($15)

Both my dining companions selected the Omelette which had a generous serving of wild mushrooms.

Baked Eggs - Chorizo, Sofrito & Manchego ($15)

I opted for the Baked Eggs which was served in a gorgeous maroon Le Creuset-esque Ramekin. The eggs were beautifully runny, with hearty chunks of spicy chorizo and oozing with cheese. (Note: They also serve a vegetarian option with Brie & Slow Roasted Tomatoes)

Fried Brioche, Passionfruit Curd & Rhubarb ($15)

Brioche is one of my weaknesses. I can never pass up a Brioche dish and thankfully my dining companions were happy to finish off with a sweet treat.

This is an incredibly rich dish, and was perfect for sharing. Tangy passionfruit curd poured generously on top of the sweet buttery brioche, with bits of passionfruit and sweet and sour rhubarb.

Our server was quick to bring out three pretty little plates without being asked. When we brought the bill to the counter, she instantly asked if we would like to split the bill and happily worked out our portions. Wonderful cheerful service.

Hardware Societe is the perfect spot for delicious and delightful brunches.

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