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♡ make me hot buttery popcornandtoast@gmail.com

Table for three.

Gills Diner
Gills Alley
360 Little Collins Street
(03) 9670 7214

Gills Diner is located in a side alley off Little Collins Street.

It has its own charm, with its high ceilings, wooden furniture and wax candles on each table. They don’t hand out any menus, and we order off the blackboards on the walls around us.

The scallops were simple and beautifully cooked, topped with ham and potato crisps.

The flesh was moist and the skin was crunchy, just the way I like it. The cauliflower fritters were cold and had a thick crust, quite disappointing. 

Poussin with corn puree and cucumber salad.

Housemade Churros with Chocolate ($12)

The Churros were warm and sugary. Chocolate was rich and thick.

Selection of sorbet - Grapefruit, Rye & KIwifruit ($12)

I avoid sorbets as they can be too sweet, but the grapefruit and the kiwifruit sorbet were light and tangy. The rye sorbet was intriguing. I couldn’t pinpoint a flavour, but it was delicious.

The entree was good, but then again I love scallops and I rarely fault them. The main was mediocre. But I thoroughly enjoyed the desserts. The mix of the chocolate fudge brownie, cold salted caramel ice-cream and crunchy salty peanuts was delicious.

Seeing as we ended on a good note, I’m tempted to come back again. Plus the menu changes seasonally, so maybe I’ll have better luck with my main next time. But I’ll definitely come back for coffee & desserts.

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