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Bar de Tapas Y Vino

1 Hosier Lane
(03) 9663 3038

it is impossible to get a table on Fridays/Saturdays without a reservation at least a month or two in advance, confirming I am not alone in my love affair with MoVida. The dishes are simple yet innovative, delicious and reasonably priced.

I was surprised to discover the last time I was at MoVida was more than a year ago. Yet I still recall an amazing prawns tapas which I couldn’t get enough of.

Prawn Pincho with Romesco

Thankfully, even though the tables were booked out till October, the bar section has a no reservations, walk in only policy. Perfect, I didn’t have the patience to wait another two months to try their Scallop dish showcased below. Who knows, they may take it off the menu, as they did to my beloved Roasted Spring Bay Scallop with Jamon and Potato Foam.

There are two types of dishes at Movida. The delightful morsels under the Tapas section, or the larger to-share Racions. I generally prefer the Tapas.

Hand-filleted Cantabrian Artisan Anchovy on Crouton with Smoked Tomato Sorbet ($4.50)

This is an excellent starter. I understand this may not for everyone. I am not partial to anchovy and had to be coaxed into trying this but I have loved it since. You spread the sorbet across the crouton and the saltiness of the anchovy, combined with the icy-cold smoky velvety sorbet and the crunchy crouton is pure pleasure.

Fried Silky Croqueta Flavoured with Jamon and Egg ($4)

My croquette-loving dining companion has always enjoyed this and I suspect she would whole-heartedly recommend this dish.

Manchego Custard, Shaved Black Truffles, Leek & Potato

Aside from the dining menu, MoVida has a list of 4-5 specials for the night. This was one of them. Served in an eggshell on a bed of rock salt, we were immediately intrigued by its presentation. We broke the chip all over the Manchego custard and were delighted to discover this cheesy custard with pureed leek and potato topped with truffles was very light and incredibly addictive. The chip gave the creamy concoction a bit of a crunch.

Oysters in Cucumber and Garlic Foam ($4)

Fresh oyster.

Traditional Spring Bay stuffed Mussel with Dried Chorizo and Lemon Aioli ($3.70)

Spiced Chicken Escabeche Tapa on Crispy Crouton ($4.50)

I am not a fan of this dish as I recall the chicken salad to be served cold.


Pork-stuffed Calamari with Squid Ink Dressing ($7)

Rottnest Island Scallop with Garlic Soup ($6)

Favourite dish of the night. The scallop was beautifully cooked. Wonderfully tender on the inside, perfectly seared on the outside. The garlic broth had more of a tomato and bisque-like flavour, barely any garlic flavour. 

Salt Cod filled Brik Pastry Cigar with PilPil and Egg ($7)

This deceptive spring roll-like dish was another winner. The Brik Pastry was golden and crunchy, the Salt Cod filling was steaming hot and moist (yet the cigar was not soggy), and accompanied with the PilPil (an emulsion made from the olive oil the Cod was cooked in) which had tiny bits of egg white, it was incredibly more-ish. 

Spicy Steak Tartare of raw, grass-fed Wagyu Beef ($18)

Once a favourite, it has now been superseded. This steak tartare dish failed to excite, and the Wagyu was slightly grainy. We each took one bite, and both came to the same conclusion: Golden Fields’ Black Angus Tartare please.

Duck Liver Parfait with Pedro Ximenez Foam and toasted Brioche ($15)

This dish is rather rich and is definitely a dish to share. The parfait was a little gamey for my liking and but made for a good pairing with the sweet (white grape) foam and the brioche.

Hot Chocolate Ganache Pudding with Vanilla Bean ice-cream and Nougat ($13.50)

Was this as good as I remembered? Yes. The oozy warm rich chocolate ganache encased in the chocolate pudding. The cold creamy vanilla bean ice-cream. The sweet sticky chewy nougat. Every element was still the same. So this is what bliss feels like.

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